What is the best software to scan QR codes and CyberLogos?

During the first few years of the internet, you had to put the internet browsing software on your own computer if you wanted to access the wonders that were the first internet connections (to the general public).  

In a way it will be a similar experience for the advertisers and marketers who want to get people to read the QR Code and CyberLogo files that they use on their literature.   It will take time to establish what the best reader for you is.  This will be a case of trial and error. Most readers are free but with this comes (in some cases) unstability.  There are a few exceptions to that rule that we have highlighted.

We have used many different scanners or QR code readers over the years.  We use all kinds to test the QR Codes and CyberLogos we create.  To date there are three or four that really stand out.

I-Nigma is a free reader that just about reads anything, it also has a function (as many do) that allows you to set up the preferences where you simply scan the QR code or CyberLogo and it launches the link automatically.

Optiscan is another favourite.  This is a reader that you have to pay for £1.19 (at last look).  Well worth it if you are going to be doing a lot of scanning

Qrafter and BEETAG are others that we use.  Beetag can in our opinion be a bit temperamental but it is worth having as you really have to make the code work hard for readability.


All in all it will take you time to get your perfect reader. Experiment with the free ones and if you fancy splashing out then justify it.