QR codes?


To give the QR code its proper name it is a 2D matrix code.  But the brand name Quick Response or QR is specific to Denso-wave the company offshoot of Toyota who developed the initial coding. Calling the 50 or so other types of 2D code a QR code is like using a Dyson and calling it a Hoover.

Although QR codes are not the only useful Point to Point marketing technology out there, they are one of the most flexible, easy to organise and open to diversification and more to the point, they use existing information unlike other technologies who depend on specifically designed integration information to function.

There are many products and inventions finding their way into our 'buying and selling' lives as we speak.  Similar to the Betamax versus VHS scenario of the late 1970′s, there are many companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars making sure that you and your family will be using their technology for the rest of your lives.  

Apple captured an audience way back in the 1980′s with their innovation, simple to use products and brand strategy and have held onto that audience and increased it beyond even their wildest dreams since.

Communication is a living organism that is changing as the minutes go by.  Our destination is now dictated by the energetic wants and needs of that young vibrant force called youth.  These guys are the most impatient people in history (in terms of waiting for information). Never before has so much information been so available immediately and there has never been a time when information can spread like wildfire in a split second.  We only need to look at the recent Middle Eastern uprisings which were organised via mobile communication.

Everything is going mobile - there is no way back from here. You either get with it or be without it - as Rupert Murdoch once said “The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow

to help you get on board we have composed a list of other systems out there offering some similar services to QR codes. Enjoy the ride!

  • Bokode
  • Aztec Code
  • Data Matrix
  • CueCat
  • Microsoft Tag
  • PDF417
  • Semacode
  • ShotCode
  • Object hyperlinking
  • Touchatag
  • SPARQCode
  • SQR codes



Above are a few examples of how a pure QR code and DataMatrix code appear.  There is also a graphic of the key elements in understanding how a QR code structure is designed.


Augmented Reality

Another thread to the genre is Augmented Reality is something that will be ready for mass marketing consumption in the next two to three years, when the public are used to the idea of scanning with their mobile phones and portable devices. There are a few visionaries out there working on ways to combine what we already use with new developments. At this point we must say a huge thank you to Denso-Wave (a subsidiary of Toyota)who invented the QR code and let the world into the game.


QR-Code Readers

We have compiled a list of the best QR-Code reading software available to download on the internet. These are some of the readers that we have used for the past few years to test the legibility and functionality of our QR Codes.

Please find below available reading software and information about QRreaders.