50 uses for your QR Code.

  1. On menus to scan orders quickly and accurately straight to kitchen.
  2. Bus stops, train stations and subway stations: A quick scan would give you realtime information on when the next bus, train or subway would arrive.
  3. Posted next to paintings and sculptures at museums.
  4. Links to other work by the artist, related artists, and even the ability to buy the image on a mug or poster at the museum shop.
  5. As part of a personalized direct mail piece. Each QR code can go to a PURL (personalized URL (Uniform Resource Locator)).
  6. On historical sites and on walking trails with video of a local historian explaining the significance of the site.
  7. At video kiosks. QR codes can appear as people interact with your kiosk, whether it’s at the mall or your place of business.
  8. On For Sale signs. Would include codes that had all the information of a property sheet including video walkthroughs.
  9. Email newsletter signups. Build your subscriber base by having quick links to an email signup box.
  10. E-learning. Have your QR code generate an email that starts an autoresponder, sending daily emails filled with lessons and related information.
  11. Next to packaged food in groceries. Give shoppers quick access to recipes that include the ingredients they see on the shelf.
  12. In a jigsaw puzzle. This would create some real engagement as the user would have to put together the puzzle before scanning the image.
  13. On produce. You could include information about the farm, organic vs. conventional growing, best by dates, etc.
  14. Buying coffee (or anything else.)Like Starbucks does.
  15. On bottles of wine. It would be nice to be able to get info about the vineyard, and maybe buy a case of that bottle I enjoyed at the restaurant.
  16. On tags for sustainable clothes. Is that piece of clothing really sustainable?
  17. For conference signage. Next to the name of the upcoming sessions in each room would be the QR code so you could get the full description, speaker bios, and see if there’s any room left.
  18. On conference name tags. Why trade business cards when you can just scan them.
  19. Written on food on diners’ plates. Who your chef is and his details.
  20. On jewelry. Examples abound.
  21. As part of interactive maps. Check out this example from Town Graphics.
  22. At the bottom of all newspaper and magazine articles. Then you could quickly get to the online version and see the comments that other readers had left.
  23. On liquor bottles. Linked to drink recipes; this would be especially good for new drinks you’re bringing to market.
  24. On building permits. New York City is already doing this.
  25. On fliers. One example might be an offer for a car wash; the URL would give you the discount code and directions to the car wash offering the deal.
  26. On the safety bar ads on ski mountain chair lifts they’re going to be a captive audience for 5 – 10 minutes, sitting on that chair going up the mountain.
  27. Inside elevators. Fear of heights fixed!
  28. Printed onto flowers (for spouses left at home with the kids)
  29. Cab companies advertising in bars etc.  No wrongly dialling numbers!
  30. On the reverse of DVD’s to preview film.
  31. At bars, clubs and anywhere else music is playing. The QR code is read and let’s you know what the song is and chance to purchase it.
  32. On wedding invitations instead of RSVP cards.
  33. As a temporary tattoo. Link it to your Facebook profile or Twitter account.
  34. To encourage community feedback.  In libraries etc.
  35. As wallpaper/wrapping paper with birthday message.
  36. On T-Shirts
  37. On coffee cups from your local coffee shop. Plenty of advertising opportunities here.
  38. On posters linking to free books or information times, dates etc. 
  39. On a sports stadium big screen after an advert.
  40. On a human billboard. Think “Golf Sale”
  41. On trade show booths. Scan a picture, (be entered to) win a free iPod.
  42. On recipes in magazines. Quick link to videos, reviews and feedback at the website.
  43. For self-guided tours at factories/museums. Scan a code, learn what that thing does.
  44. Posted on car windows in dealerships. Perfect for after-hour shoppers.
  45. On movie posters. QR code takes them to a preview of the movie.
  46. On cocktail napkins.
  47. Memorial stone Pets etc.
  48. E-Tickets.
  49. The code could take networkers to the sponsor’s site, the beverage’s site, or some networking site with photos, so you can connect with people after the event.
  50. Business cards.